Loewe UHD TVs

Loewe UHD TVs

The story of perfection in home entertainment has been shaped by Loewe of Germany. Brothers Dr Siegmund and David Ludwig Loewe founded “Radiofrequenz GmbH” in Berlin in 1923. Just eight years later, together with their chief engineer Manfred von Ardenne, they presented the electronic television – for the first time in the world. The pioneering spirit which led to the invention of this revolutionary technology is still evident in each and every Loewe home entertainment system.

Loewe stands for the best image quality, with crystal-clear images, impressive definition and natural colours. Thanks to the latest display technologies and sophisticated software to improve the image quality – your guests will see the difference.

Another advantage for you as a host: Loewe TVs have integrated front-facing speakers that project their sound forward. This not only ensures a higher clarity of sound for your guests but in combination with volume limitation, will not disturb adjacent rooms.


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