OmniMount has supported the technology that brings your home to life for over 30 years Their mount and furniture solutions are expertly designed and built to last. Since 1978, OmniMount has been a global product innovator, pioneering the field of audio mounts and then expanding it’s scope to a portfolio of A/V mounts and accessories that maximize the home theater experience. The company has been regularly honored with distinguished industry awards for groundbreaking design and superior quality.

OmniMount offers a variety of TV mounts to meet every need, from the most innovative and feature rich, to the fastest and easiest installation. Start by identifying the product line that best suits your need, then match the desired mount type to your TV size. It really is that easy to find your perfect solution.

OmniMount ceiling and wall projector mounts have been specifically designed to provide the solution for those seeking versatility and functionality – they are flexible, easy to adjust, and feature built-in pitch and tilt adjustment controls.


  • TV Wall Mounts
  • TV and projector ceiling mounts
  • Speaker mounts